Street Teams and Shelter Teams

Street Teams go onto the streets and personally interact with children and youth involved in acute situations of violence and homelessness. We tuck Rickys into shirts and backpacks, hold those who are crying, and hug the lonely. Ricky is a tangible reminder that help is available. He is a source of both safety information and comfort that establishes trust between victims and professionals.

Shelter Teams deliver Rickys to local shelters. Currently we have Shelter Teams in 22 states. This unique distribution process allows community members and survivors to be a part of the web of healing.

"Today I gave one of the five Rickys I have left to Mary, who is 27, and in the hospital with a bacterial infection... She might lose her leg, and will be there three or four weeks. She cradled Ricky, cried, and loved him to pieces. You can not imagine the good you do providing those. So thank you."

Mary from Jacksonville Fl ~ "Thank you so so much for your nonprofit. I called the number on Ricky and within fifteen minutes I was in a safe house. Ricky is my blessing."

Susan from NY ~ "I was on the street and now I am not! Ricky saved my life!"

Help us weave the web of healing: